A little about me:


As one of four children raised in a single parent household, our house was always a little more than chaotic. I remember the daily struggle of needing to locate something (nail clippers, scissors, anything to write with) and spending countless, frustrated hours searching. My grandmother taught me that everything would be so much easier if "you make a place for everything and keep everything in its place." This simple concept had a profound impact on me. Even as a small child, I realized that time was precious and the peace of mind that came from an organized home was immensely valuable. 

I channeled my frustration into something contructive and my eye for detail led me to Seattle where I spent four years studying Photography and training in the esthetics. Whether I'm composing a photographic image or arranging the environment I live and work in, I strive for harmony, flow, and inspiration. I believe that eliminating chaos, decluttering, and the occasional purge does wonders for the soul. 

My personal code of ethics:

I understand that your home is in an intimate, personal space and I am here to help you reclaim that space without judgement. 

I will never pressure you to part with your things, you choose what stays and what goes.

Your privacy is important to me, I will never post images or your name without written consent.

I will always work quickly and efficiently and deliver the highest level of service.