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Professional Organizing Solutions by Kaila Randall

  • Organizing and cleaning of home and office spaces.

  • Long term, creative organizing solutions for permanent storage. Purchased and installed.

  • Removal of goods to be donated.

  • Shredding of sensitive documents.

  • Creation and implementation of file and storage systems.

  • Much more

*Services are provided on an as needed basis, let me know your personal needs and we'll make it work. 


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Kaila helped us prepare to move as well as helping us unpack at our new location. She is very friendly, professional, and efficient. It was so motivating to have an appointment set up when she would take away of everything we needed to have donated or disposed of. I was so overwhelmed after we moved and she was able to cheerfully just begin organizing. She has a knack for arranging items in an aesthetically pleasing way. We plan to ask for her help again in the future.
— Anne R.
Kaila Randall and I worked together at Pacific Science Center with the Camps for Curious Minds summer program. With over 10 locations, 65 different camp themes, and multiple programs running at the same time, there were a lot of logistics to keep up with. During each week of camp, we would run over 30 individual programs. Kaila was part of a team responsible for ensuring each program had the supplies they needed for the day, while preparing supplies for the next week.

To store all the supplies for such a large program, we had a storage room that held all the supplies for the summer. Shelves and shelves of supplies purchased and donated over the year. Kaila worked diligently to ensure the space was organized, clean, and functional. With the hectic start to the summer season, the space was in desperate need of order. She took on the challenge and over the course of the summer, was able to bring organization to the space, cleaning out unnecessary items, improving functionality by rearranging items, and refining our inventory to guarantee we had the correct amount of each supply.

I would highly recommend Kaila’s organizational skills, especially with large scale projects.
— Kelly T.
I was moving into a new place and I had a whole storage unit of stuff that I needed to go through. From the minute she came on board, Kaila was a life saver. She helped me come up with a plan for the entire move and for getting and going through my things in storage.

After helping with the move and clearing out the storage unit, Kaila took care of donating anything I wanted to get rid of, and even helped me locate some new shelves for the boxes of books I had pulled out of storage. She organized those bookshelves alphabetically, and separated genres. She even found a creative way to display all of my knickknacks I couldn’t part with. Kaila really went above and beyond, and I have never had a better looking home.
— James M.